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While pondering my story "Stepping Out", I had the following hypothetical conversation with my muse:
Me: No Roxanne cameos.

Muse: Oh come on. It'll be fun.

Me: Fun?! You always say that. This is supposed to be---be--

Muse: Boring?

Me: NO, it's just that...look, what are the odds? Metro City must have hundreds of thousands of citizens, maybe millions. What are the odds he just happens to crash into the girl who will later become the love of his life?

Muse: But it's foreshadowing! You love that stuff.

Me: Maybe. But no dream sequence.

Muse: What?! There HAS to be a dream sequence.

Me: No there doesn't.

Muse [slyly]: Dani_kin suggested it.

Me: For one thing, that was about another chapter entirely. For another, she would be able to write it better, and thirdly, if I did it, it would be schlocky.

Muse: It's not schlocky, it's fluff. It'll be cute. Look would it help if you think of it as a prophetic dream? Leave off the 'sequence' bit?

Me: *groan* But Megamind isn't psychic. Nobody really has prophetic dreams, anyway. Not really.

Muse: Quit being so logical. Come onnnnnnnn, you'll like it. It'll introduce a hint of romance. You were just whining the other day about how there isn't any hanky-panky in this story and you'd like to expand your horizons, be a little more risque in your writing...

Me: Well, I can't do that here! You know very well I'm in the "He-was-a-geek-virgin-until-he-got-together-with-Roxanne" camp.

Muse: Exactly! That's why this whole thing is so cool! It needs this dream, AND the cameo, otherwise there's no romance at all. Come on, you can do it. You know you want to. Put in the dream. Do it. Do it.

Me: *sigh* All right.

Muse [smugly]: Good. You'll see. The dream will be full of foreboding.

Me [suspicious]: Wait. You said foreshadowing.

Muse: Well, you never know. Could be a new enemy waiting in the wings.

Me: Aargh! This thing is already written! I've got the conflict established, I just need to do a bit of revision. I don't need to introduce any new complications...just out of curiosity, what did you have in mind?

Muse: You know how in your last story "Megamind Meets the Parents" joanhello made a comment that you could have made it into a darker tale?

Me [cautiously]: Yeessss...but...I don't think....

Muse: Well, I know how to make it darker.

Me: How?

Muse: You'll see.

[Muse sashays over to basement and closes the trap door behind her.]

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Chronologically, my first fanfiction.
Rated PG
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          In hindsight, Megamind realized he should have given Roxanne a bit of warning.   Certainly the last thing she was expecting when she opened the door was for Bernard to sweep her up his arms.

Cartoon villains turning over a new leaf
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Greetings!   I discovered Megamind on DVD in August and have been more or less obsessed with it ever since.   This is a really wonderful site; I am really enjoying reading the posts and stories.   
  Anyway, I was pondering the rarity of fictional villains from any genre who turn their lives around.   But there have been a few in cartoons that I know of.   For example, Gru from Despicable Me.   Also, there is a character from the TV cartoon series Avatar the Last Airbender named Prince Zuko.   This show aired on Nickelodeon a few years ago.   (If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.   Check it out from the library.)   The Avatar's name is Aang, and it his destiny to realize his full elemantal powers and bring balance to the world.  Unfortunately, Prince Zuko believes that it is his destiny to capture the Avatar.   The arc of Zuko's story is as important as Aang's, which, I think, made for great drama.   It takes a long time, but Zuko eventually comes to realize that... maybe he got his destiny wrong.   
  In the cartoon Ben 10, I believe that one of Ben's friends was once on the wrong side of the law, but then he joins Ben on his adventures.   I'm afraid I haven't watched this series too much, so I don't know what his name is.
  Does anyone know of any other cartoon villains who turn over a new leaf?


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